Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Definition of Patience

I have found a new definition of patience. It is taking your sick child to the Dr.'s Office and waiting 45 minutes with the other sick children. I have been Mr. Mom this past weekend. My wife went on a "Girl's Weekend Out". Her family (mother,cousins, aunt, sister) usually go one weekend a year to the mountains.

I kept our 19 month old daughter while my wife has been gone. Thursday night I drove to Georgia and stayed at a friends house. My friends watched her on Friday while I went to Alpharetta, GA for a day-long meeting. Came back and picked her up Friday evening and had her all weekend. I even gave her a bath on Saturday night. We even made it to church on time. Her outfit fully matched. Monday a another friend watched her while I went to work. Well last night she had a fever of 100.7. That means no day-care so Mr. Mom had to stay home. I went to the doctor's office learned a lot of patience and my daughter got the diagnosis of an ear infection.

I couldn't go get the medicine because I didn't bother to bring a bottle for lunch. Who would have thought it would have taken that long. So, I come home feed her and put her to bed. I guess another trip out to town will be necessary.

Man I miss my wife !!!

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Martin LaBar said...

Well, be thankful you didn't have to wait longer at the Dr's office. It happens!

Hope all have/will recover fully.