Monday, August 22, 2005


Man, I am one tired puppy. I am a volunteer Fireman and we have been busy this past few days. It started Thursday evening late when we got called for Mutual aid with a neighboring Fire Department. They had a structure fire and needed help. It was after midnight before we were done. Then we had an incident (can't give any details) early Friday morning (7:15). Saturday was spent helping the youth group from my church with a car wash. Then I came home and mowed the yard. The high temperature in Clemson was only 99 F.

Sunday was another hot day with the high being 102. A nice thunderstorm blew in and lightening struck an apartment building close to my house. At that time it was a cool 82 with 100% humidity.

This morning we had another mutual aid call to another structure fire. The temp was only 92 with about 56% humidity.

Needless to say, I didn't get to Tae Kwon Do today, but I have already had a good workout these past 24 hours.

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