Sunday, August 07, 2005


In the words of a new book I am reading I am a quitter. I picked up a new book this weekend "She Calls Me Daddy" by Robert Wolgemuth It covers, "Seven Things Every Man Needs to Know About Building a Complete Daughter". I picked it up this weekend at Promise Keepers, more about that later. In the book he talks about starting projects and never completeing them. We ALL do it at times, therefore we are all quitters. The problem is that raising a daughter (or boy) is a project that we can't afford NOT to finish.

I uploaded 2 new pictures of my Daughter. They are below. A couple of my friends that have blogs use a website called Flickr. I might try it out and start uploading my pictures there.

Ok, back to Promise Keepers. I went to the Promise Keepers event this weekend in Charleston, SC. Nobody else from church was going (that I knew of) so I went by myself. I knew of a group from another Wesleyan Church so I met up with them.

Saturday Morning I was sitting there and someone else from my church walked by. It was great that he was able to be there with his son. We all had a great time.

If you have never been to a Promise Event then you should go. They have 10 more conferences left in the states and 1 in the Bahamas (good time for a vacation). Register at this link. I am already trying to figure out which conference I will go to next year (the closest one conflicts with our Church Family Camp).

The speakers were great and really challenged the men. Here is the list of the speakers:
Dave Roever
Phil Chapin (Dave Roever's son-in-law)
Mike Silva
Buddy Owens
Steve Farrar
Rick Rigsby and of course
Brad Stine. Brad is "america's conservative comedian". He entertained us and at the same time he challenged us to be better and stronger Christian men.

I went to San Diego, California in June for a work related conference and got to experience my first earthquake. I was sitting in a meeting and it felt like my chair ran over a speed bump. The floor of the convention floor just rolled. I thought it was pretty neat, but others didn't feel that way. An aquaintance was on the 17th floor of the hotel and said it swayed. He obviously didn't feel the same way I did.

The highlight of July was Table Rock Family Camp. I was the person in charge of the media and powerpoints for the services and singing. I love doing that. Even though it is computer related it is so different from work that it is fun. I took a week of vacation and spent the whole week with Julie. Grandma came and borrowed Bethany for a couple of days. That gave Julie and I some time to just enjoy the services. We were quite busy though with Julie being on the praise team and me working behind the scenes. It was a lot of fun.

Anyways, I will try to keep this blog up to date and not be a quitter. I'll try not to wait 5 months between posts.


Martin LaBar said...

Greetings (temporarily) from Southern California. The hardest thing about blogging is to have something to say (or show), especially if you aren't sure there is anyone reading or looking.

Good job at camp.

richard said...

Drew--I am so glad that God allowed our paths to cross. I really enjoyed the weekend at PK with you. I am excited about the new adventure that God is taking you and Julie on. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Jay C said...

Welcome back to blogging. Glad you had a good time at Promise Keepers. Im glad you didn't decide to stay down there thought, because I need your help at work. ;)