Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hockey Game

I went to see the Greenville Grrrowl Friday night. It was church night so it was pretty packed. The Grrrowl are trying to make more money so all the cheap seats are blocked off. I was pretty bummed about that. It was a good game. Greenville won 6-0. There was also 3 fights. Pretty funny considering the crowd was cheering and it was church night.

After the game there was a mini concert from Audio Adrenaline. It was pretty good. It was pretty laid back. They pulled in a portable stage and set the concert right up on the ice. We also found out that they are recording their last album. 15 years of rock and roll and screaming has pretty much killed the lead singer's voice. It was my second time to see them.

Next concert, Winterjam. Newsboys, TobyMac, and hosted by Newsong. It should be pretty good. The concert is only $10. Last year they had to put people back stage, because there was so many.

Misc. Stuff
Football - Pittsburgh won, Carolina got blown out.
Superbowl = Pittsburgh vs. Seattle

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