Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Flash Earth

Last week I received an email that had a link to It combines Google Maps and Microsoft's Virtual Earth in one Web page. Zoom in and out on these links. (probably better with highspeed internet) All links will open in a new page. You might have to move the map around depending on your screen resolution.

Here a few interesting places I have visited in my lifetime.
Victoria Falls, Zambia (Widest falls in the world)
Voortrekker Monuement, Pretoria South Africa
South African Administrative Offices, Pretoria South Africa
Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA (you can see the VAB building and the launch pads.)
Experimental Prototype Community Of Tommorrow (EPCOT) Florida, USA
The Washington Monument (The White House is north)
Fort Sumter, SC

Other interesting places to see from space
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (Airplane Graveyard) Zoom this one in!
Hoover Dam
Burning Man
Area 51
Statue of Liberty
The Pentagon
Niagra Falls

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